Internet service

To enhance and support the developement of innovation/entrepreneurial ICT solutions through the provision of an enabling environment with resources for tech enthusiast, innovators and entrepreneurs that will facilitate learning, creativity and implimentation of ideas with nigeria and across the globe.

As an Internet Service Provider, we provide an avenue for the integration and upgrade of existing internet infrastructure in order to cut the cost of deploying new equipment thereby transforming and upgrading such existing hardware and infrastructure to optimal working condition with slight adjustment.


At Lexington Technologies, we provide cutting edge solutions and services that meet the present and future needs of all our clients. some of our services include:

Microwave Systems Engineering (PDH, SDH)

Internet Service Provision (ISP)

Fiber Optics Infrastructure Supply and Installation

Surveillance Supply and Installations

Virtual Private Networks

Computer Networks (ethernet and wireless)

Server Infrastructure Supply and Installation


Routing and Switching

Consultancy Services and Training

VoIP (Voice and Video)

Renewable Energy

Target Clients

Our Internet service supports MDAs, corporate/private organizations and SMEs with effective internet access; strengthening research, development, communication and transfer of information via efficient, reliable, fast and secure internet networks