Open Learning System (Learning Management System)

Olearn is a mobile/web-based educational platform that provides tutors, learners, parents and other categories of users with information, tools, and resources required to support and enhance educational delivery and management.

Olearn is an acronym derived from the phrase “Open Learning” the emergence of Olearn, a sophisticated communication technology provides tutors and learners a platform for virtual learning without the need for physical meetings.

Nigerian Academic Research Repository

OVERVIEW Research, Development and Innovations have become quite necessary for national development and spike the need for networking through harmonization of research contents across tertiary institutions and independent researchers through a unified research network. It is evident that the problems facing researchers in Africa and Nigeria in particular are enormous, which includes the lack of a Centralized Research Repository System and Low Accessibility of Data and Information

FIEMS (Facility & Equipment Information Management System)

Facility and equipment information management system (FEIMS) is a robust system used for the digital capture and management of information regarding all physical movable and immovable assets owned by an organization. with FEIMS, multi-site facility managers can perform a a range of functions related to ongoing maintenance and repair, asset management and data analytics

An Open Blockchain Network for Secure Verification & Exchange of Assets

LexChain leverages the power of blockchain technology to deliver a single source of truth and decentralized tamper-proof storage. By preserving user confidentiality and record ownership through Public-Key Cryptography and Digital Signatures, it provides anti-fraud detection, document ownership and integrity verification, document tracking, encrypted document transfer, and much more.

Health Information Management System

LexCare is an automated Healthcare Information Management System designed and developed to record and report all activities carried out at Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) across the country.
The System is a user friendly digization of standardized National Health Management Information System (NHMIS) reporting tools at PHCs, it will serve as a tool to generate information and reports on all service provided at the healthcare facilities including the Basic Healthcare provision fund (BHCPF) program and this information can be retrieved when needed by regulatory, governing, implementing partners and donor agencies.

Unified Communication System

In the fast-paced world of today where communication is accelerating and highly technological, more also, relations between individuals are increasingly horizontal and often remote, instant interactive communication has become central across sectors. Unified Communication
System (UNICOMS) provides a simplified, secured channels of communication including voice, video, and data through Web Real Time Communication (RTC) and mobile apps both online and offline.

FIRERESTOR (Gas Leak, Smoke, Heat & Temprature Detection)

Reasearch by fire safety experts have proven that when there is a fire outbreak in the home, workplace, or factory, the occupants usually have just about two minutes to escape before it is too late. consequently, flames, heat, smoke and gas leaks can spread rapidly and cause considerable damage to people, property and the environment. The ability to manage fire has been credited as one of the key point in the safety of human lives, property and the environment.

Nigeria Academic Research Intelligence System

Academic institutions are facing increasing obstacles to fulfilling their mission of teaching, research and civic responsibility. The competition for research funding and faculty has grown ever more intense and making decisions regarding where to allocate resources ever more critical. Gathering competitive intelligence on your academic peers will help guide decision making by transforming dis-aggregated information into actionable intelligence that can be

used to capitalize on your institution’s strengths and grow research dollars.

Intelligent Satelite Asset Tracking and Management System

Intelligent satellite asstet tracking and management information system (ISATMIS) is a reliable, secured and hybrid asset management solution that utilizes Global positioning system(GPS) for tracking assets (both resource and human), Blockchain as an immutable register, satellite
link as a communication medium and Radio frequency identification(RFID) as asset tagging mechanism.