Open Learning System (Learning Management System)

Open learning is an innovative movement in education that emerged in the 1970s and evolved into fields of practice and study. The term refers generally to activities that either enhance learning opportunities within formal education systems or broaden learning opportunities beyond formal education systems.

Nigerian Academic Research Repository

Repositories are there to help store content, such as journals, to be easily used by people within the university itself, but the presence of an easily accessible and searchable system allows for the research produced within the university to be accessible for everyone to see: this is particularly true for journal publications which often sit behind a paywall (unless open access) on the original journal website, but are often freely available through university repositories.

Facility & Equipment Information Management System

Facility management is a professional management discipline focused on the efficient and … A Management System Standard for Facilities Management has also been developed by ISO and published … inspection, and testing for all of the fire safety equipment and systems, keeping records and certificates of compliance

An Open Blockchain Network for Secure Verification & Exchange of Assets

The large number of counterfeit certificates in circulation is a huge problem that has been prevalent for a long time. Issuing of such certificates has become a business stemming from

the need/want of the people for employment. Hard working people with legitimate degrees or certificates have to suffer the consequences of this phenomenon since they are denied what could have been theirs by the holders of these fake credentials

Health Information Management System

HIM professionals are using advanced technology as they perform most HIM-related functions. The HIM professional must have a wide range of knowledge, including HIPAA laws that protect patient privacy, data analysis and how to harness computer systems that collect data

Unified Communication System

Unicoms is a leading global provider of professional & private communications technology. We’re a global provider of high quality 2-way radios, operating in 120 countries. Market Leader in PMR. World-Class Technology. Global Leading Provider.

Gas Leak, Smoke, Heat & Temprature Detection

 Identifying potentially hazardous gas leaks by sensors. Additionally a visual identification can be done using a thermal camera These sensors usually employ an audible alarm to alert people when a dangerous gas has been detected. Exposure to toxic gases can also occur in operations such as painting, fumigation, fuel filling, construction, excavation of contaminated soils, landfill operations, entering confined spaces, etc.

Nigeria Academic Research Intelligence System

Academic institutions are facing increasing obstacles to fulfilling their mission of teaching, research and civic responsibility. The competition for research funding and faculty has grown ever more intense and making decisions regarding where to allocate resources ever more critical. Gathering competitive intelligence on your academic peers will help guide decision making by transforming dis-aggregated information into actionable intelligence that can be

used to capitalize on your institution’s strengths and grow research dollars.

Intelligent Satelite Asset Tracking and Management System

i-satmis provides managed solutions for companies whose cargo moves around the world, often out of reach of cellular networks. With low earth orbit satellite tracking, you benefit from global connectivity and near real time visibility of your important assets, such as containers, bins, crates, and heavy equipment, even when cellular connectivity is limited due to a disaster or assets being tracked in remote locations.